BENITIER-02 – Le Projet



When I was younger, I always have been fascinated by these large sinks found in churches and the relationship between the act of purification and water. A simple hand gesture, a physical contact into cold water that transports you to a different state of mind. To that extension Purity and sensibility define our design of the Benitier Collection. The collection showcases well-balanced lines and prominent geometric curves that express sharp elegance in its simplest and functional form. The Benitier collection is about to resource yourself and find peace of mind.

“Alex Vitet”



Mounting Type: vessel mounted

Dimensions: L48 x W20 x H6 in 

Material: Meridian Solid Surface®

Finish: matte


Recyclable: for road aggregate or the like

Lead time delivery: 4 weeks

*Drain to be purchased separately