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Care and Maintenance


Your Meridian Solid Surface® product is made from a non-porous blend of polyester resin and natural mineral fillers. It is solid from front to back and from top to bottom, with no surface coating or overlay finish to disrupt. Your Meridian Solid Surface® product has been fabricated and finished by skilled craftsman using quality tools and premium materials. You can protect the beauty of your Meridian Solid Surface® and ensure a long life of trouble-free service by observing the following suggestions.


1. Meridian Solid Surface® is easy to clean using warm water and any normal household detergent, followed with a clear water rinse. Mildly abrasive cleaners may be used with caution on MatteFinished Meridian Solid Surface® products, but should be tested in an inconspicuous area before using.

2. Normal household stains and minor abrasions may be easily corrected using a white, green, or maroon Scotchbrite® Scouring Pad by 3M Corp.

3. Deep scratches or gouges in your Meridian Solid Surface® product may be sanded with standard 220 & 320-grit sandpaper. Depending on the severity of the damage and the finish of your product, we suggest that you begin with the least coarse grit first and work your way up to the finest grit sandpaper. You may then use a Scotchbrite® Scouring Pad to return the product to its original luster.

4. DO NOT apply sealers, waxes, penetrants, or other topical treatments to your Meridian Solid Surface® product under any circumstances. All Meridian Solid Surface® products are cycle-tested to withstand liquid up to 175° F. Therefore, with the average home water heater set at 130°-140° F, Meridian Solid Surface® products will provide outstanding performance under normal household use. Care must be taken to avoid sudden temperature extremes, such as filling a sink with ice followed immediately by boiling water, or vice versa. We suggest that you run tepid water from your faucet when draining boiling or extremely hot water in your Meridian Solid Surface® product.

Note: we recommend the use of synthetic, non-oil-based plumbers putty, such as Hercules “Sta-Put” brand or any plumbers putty noted as “stain-less”, with all Meridian Solid Surface® products.