About us

Performance and Prestige

Le Projet is a premier manufacturer of sustainable modular bathroom systems and architectural hardware solutions. Our design vision is driven by today's need for highly customizable products with refined aesthetic, material experimentation and functional intelligence. Le Projet's designs are oriented toward simplicity with a creative edge lead by French designer Alex Vitet. Our product offer is for either Commercial and Residential markets, internationally.

NSF-51® Standard certified

Meridian Solid Surface products are NSF-51® Standard certified after meeting the strict requirements for products used to manufacture food equipment and related materials. Our innovative manufacturing process not only eliminates volatile organic compounds before the products leave the plant, but also creates a non-porous surface that does not promote the growth of bacteria. The unique characteristics of Meridian Solid Surface® result in a product that is completely non-porous and resistant to most household chemicals, so stains and liquids don’t soak in. The non-porous nature of Meridian Solid Surface also provides an all-important health benefit; it will not promote the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew.

Designed & Made in USA

We concept design and engineer all of our products in house to guaranty a smooth manufacturing process and, in the end, a remarkable quality with sustainable value. Yet our standard process is made by casting, we also offer extensive custom capabilities and high-volume solid surface fabrication services from our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility centrally-located in the Midwest.